Brainye, we specialize in creating meaningful, data driven content that makes people want to read, engage and share.


it was founded in 2016, Brainye has rapidly developed and expanded its reach, becoming an industry leader in creating engaging content. We have built a skilled workforce of professionals who love the internet, with international teams of writers creating content from Miami, New York, London, Tel-Aviv, and Buenos Aires.


our diverse range of sites and brands, we reach an audience of over 100 million people per month. We publish captivating content in a variety of niche subjects from lifestyle and travel to sports and technology, appealing to a wide audience


Our talented writers create high-level content on topics that matter, our editors check every article to make sure they match our standards, and our analysts use the data they collect to improve and optimize each piece of content we publish. The result is a wide range of unique, engaging content that provides our audiences with five minutes of happiness every time they visit our sites.

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Our select team of professional writers, editors, campaign managers, and analysts are passionate about what they do. We believe that this makes all the difference as we strive to bring our content to the next level. Together, we create meaningful, compelling content that provides readers with five minutes of happiness every time they visit our sites.

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