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Working to create better stories.

Brainye looks to combine witty and talented writers with analytical professionals in order to create the most engaging reading experience the web has to offer.

We operate online magazines in many verticals such as Travel Sports and Lifestyle 

Established: March 2016

2 Founding Members

Reached 20M People

August 2016

Reached 30M People

December 2016

Reached 40M People

August 2017

Reached 50M people

November 2017

Diverse, Beautiful Stories

We use an analytical approach to content creation

We don't hold a single brainstorming session without data, we use each and every piece of information about our users experiences and responses in order to keep improving in what we already do best


Our sites are fast, easy to read and filled with high quality visuals that compliment our stories

Our readers spend on average 5 minutes on each of our online magazines

Over 2M engaged fans worldwide with over 83% of them based in the US

New York Office:
330E 38 Street

Tel Aviv Office:
Igal Alon 65 Street